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OCEANLESS, the Manchester based band of two, met in their early teens at school in their hometown near Birmingham and have worked on various projects in the music industry since. Their debut album combines influences of grunge, shoegaze, and electronic pop-rock. They have utilised their knowledge of the music industry to enable them to be 100% independent. They are now looking for support opportunities to grow their rapidly expanding audience.

In January 2023, Will Mcgarrie (singer and guitarist) and  George Sheasby (drummer), spent a week in the Welsh countryside writing the album, and recording demos. 

February 2023 saw the band begin recording the singles for the album, alongside  producer Sean Mbaya, who remixed ‘Blue Moon Rising’ by Noel Gallagher, making it on to the UK No.1 album ‘Back The Way We Came’. 

The band have since consistently released singles building up to their debut album release. 

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